With the increase in the remote office trend of the enterprise, hackers have begun to launch an attack activity with new security vulnerabilities. Hackers often use simple and successful methods, including network fishing email to collect credentials and easily access critical business environments.

The hacker also uses lesso software to encrypt the user’s data, requiring the redemption of the redemption to unlock the stolen data.

User needs to follow some practical steps when processing a network attack.

These steps include:

Quickly control and isolate key systems; report hackers attacks to your customers and business stakeholders; seeking help of law enforcement departments; develop disaster recovery and business continuity plans; analyzing attacks and remedies;

Quick control and isolation key system

The first step is very necessary, fast control and isolation of key systems. If you discover evidence for Lessware or other hacker attacks on your network, it may not be valid for all critical business data and systems.

Isozy from the network as soon as possible, this operation prevents any changes from infection or malicious code from isolation clients. While removing infection, use the system’s isolation and containment methods to re-obtain one of the best ways to control and eliminate residual malicious code.

Report a hacker attack to your customers and business stakeholders

The user will determine the management level of the company in how the company handles the system hacker or data leak, and the report security incident is always the best way. Any form concealing or delayed lase information will bring negative consequences to the organization.

Although this does not need unnecessary trouble, it is possible to create a transparent solution to the atmosphere of a transparent solution. In the long run, this atmosphere will usually have a good impact on the company. In addition, according to regulations, companies may also have a responsibility to report any violation of security.

Seeking help of law enforcement departments

If your business is the victim of cyber attacks, it is an important step in cooperation with law enforcement agencies. Law enforcement agencies such as the US Federal Bureau (FBI) can open the door to various resources, helping to handle the aftermath.

Federal Investigation and other companies can help investigate cyber attacks and attacks. They are committed to collecting and sharing intelligence to seek greater interests, thereby exposing individuals and groups responsible for malicious network activities. The network attack alert to these institutions can promote the approach to the network crime.

Develop disaster recovery and business continuity programs

A effective disaster recovery program must be part of the overall security business continuity plan. Disaster Recovery Plan outlines the steps required to use dodgex systems or loss of critical business data operations.

After discovering your business, you should develop a disaster recovery plan. These plans have recovered business continuity as soon as possible. They also let everyone agree on the business process, even in the downgrade.

Analyze attacks and remedy

After the system integrity returns to normal and eliminates the imminent security threat, the company will want to analyze attacks and remedy all vulnerabilities.

The root cause analysis will help determine any weaknesses in the network security condition. Companies need to continuously assess security weaknesses, regardless of size, use any type of damage or success attack to learn where to improve security.

Improve password security (very important)

Credential is an important root cause of modern data leakage, and IBM’s 2020 data leak cost report pointed out:

“One-fifth (19%) enterprises suffering from malicious data leakage are bound by vouchers or destroyed, and the total cost of each leak has increased by nearly 1 million US dollars, reaching $ 4.77.7 million. Overall In terms of malicious attacks are considered to be the most common root cause (52% of the study), and human error (23%) or system failure (accounting for 25%), with an average total cost of $ 4.27 million. “

Enterprises must enhance account security, including preventing the use of weak passwords in the environment or cracking passwords. For the convenience of use, end users often choose a password that is vulnerable. Hackers often use previously destroyed passwords that can be sprayed by password spraying attacks on the network and other account-based attacks.

Configuring a violation password in the SPECOPS password policy

Only very little ActiveDirectory tools and features can achieve proper protection to protect user accounts. The SPECOPS password policy protects ActiveDirectory credentials by blocking the use of leaks in the environment.


Data leaks, lesso software infections, and other types of hackers have been very common for today’s companies. These attacks ultimately lead to certification leakage. Enterprises must implement effective network security, including the prevention of weak passwords in the environment. The SPECOPS Password Policy is a solution that helps companies master password security in Active Directory.

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