Big data collection

Author: mickey

This week, more than the largest finished oil pipeline system in the United States is being urgently closed by hackers, and there is also a hacker invasion quietly in the Washington DC in the US government.

A group of online criminals claimed that they invaded the Washington DC Metropolis Police Station in Monday, claiming to steal 250GB of data.

Hackers have released this statement on its official website, including some files that steal from the police, and paying the $ 4 million ransom, otherwise it will open the stealing confidential data.

The hacker wrote: “We don’t pay a review, and the organization such as the police station also has huge security vulnerabilities. We recommend that they get in touch with us as soon as possible and pay us, otherwise we will post these data.”

The hacker has released data that is allegedly stolen from Washington, including the police report, a big head and personal details related to the captured person, and an internal memo.

Babuk shows some of the folders from the MPD to be invaded by hackers as “gang conflict report”, “bleeding conflicts” and “beefs-conflict”.

On Monday night, the police officers also confirmed this incident. The spokesperson said in an e-mail: “We know unauthorized access on our server.” “While identifying all the impact and continues to review the activities, we have invited the Federal Investigation to conduct a comprehensive investigation of this matter.”

Dare to Lee Washer Agree?

Where is the hacker that is so bold, not only directly blacks the police station where the American White House is, but also dares the police.

This hacking group named Babuk, which is not their first similar leskir.

Babuk Lessso Software was a new lesser threat found in 2021, which has affected at least five large enterprises, one of which has paid $ 85,000 to criminals through negotiations. As with other variants, this lesso software is also deployed in corporate networks, and criminals will carefully and compromise these lesks. With MVisionInsights, McIffe can draw target telemetry, which shows the current transportation, health care, plastics, electronics, and agricultural fields for multiple regions.

This sleeve gang was originally discovered in early 2021, which adopted a similar operation method with many Lee Software Series, and generally leaked theft data on the public website HXXP: //gtmx56k4hutn3ikv.minion/.

At the same time, according to the third-party information company McAfee, Babuk used the Lesso Software Code Base and the height of Vasalocker, as of January 15, 202, has been violated by it. Lesso software supports command line operation and embeds three different built-in commands, which are used to extend its own and encrypt network resources. It checks the service and process being run so as to kill the predefined list and avoid detection.

The hacker is exposed to the police negotiations, and the police will only pay $ 100,000.

Yesterday, the hacker attempting the police station of Washington DC SAR has now released the screenshot of their claim to talk to the police. According to the information published by overseas media Vice, the police station tried to convince hackers, willing to pay $ 100,000 ransom in exchange for confidential documents.

In the screenshot, the hacker organized by the Babuk Lee Software tried to convince the police to pay, otherwise they will leak all their stealing data. However, the negotiation is still broken.

In the conversation, the police provided $ 100,000, a lot less than $ 4 million than the hacker. “Our ultimate recommendation is to bid a bid 100,000 US dollars to prevent leaks of stolen data. If this bid is unacceptable, then our dialogue seems to have been completed. I think we have understood the consequences of the agreement. We can end.”

The hacker obviously is very dissatisfied with this round of dialogue, and they quickly publicized this conversation, shouting on the police, trying to force the police to pay by the public dialogue to try to apply pressure to them. The screenshots and files that have been leaked have highlighted the severity of the problem of lesser software.

Georgia Institute of Technology Computer Science Professional Student Student Chuong Dong said: “I am very surprised that the police are still willing to pay 100,000 US dollars, because if I know if it is FBI, I will definitely give it.”

At the end of April, the Washington Police Station by Bakuk is just a larger skewers of Internet hacker victims. The police’s time is very nervous, it is likely that the information leaks cannot be controlled, but hackers seem to be willing to postpone public release in order to obtain some money. In the latest post on their dark websites, they forwarded the screenshots of the police’s so-called dialogue, and hackers wrote: “You still have to stop leakage.”