You should have heard that “You don’t know what you don’t know.”

This is the study phase that most people find their own learning at a certain time or other time. In terms of network security, hackers have succeeded by finding missing security vulnerabilities and vulnerabilities. The same is true of malicious attackers. But this also applies to the equivalents around you: certified moral hackers.

The certified moral hacker (CEH) can be one of the best experts to prevent threats.

What is moral hacker?

Moral hackers are professional penetration testers, aggressive security researchers, and consultants or employees engaged in online hackers. The word “moral hacker” is made by the former IBM executives John Patrick in the 1990s, the purpose is to distinguish between the build hackers and emerging online crimes.

Moral and malicious network security experts can use similar technologies to destroy the system and access data on the company’s network. The difference is that people seek to use defects and weaknesses to seek private interests. Another tried to fix them for the benefits of our customers. They are sometimes called white hackers (relative to the attacker or black hacker). Moral hackers use their attack skills to seek benefits for “victim”.

All moral hackers are in the same way, trying to view the customer’s system from the perspective of threats.

Free professional ethics hackers, because the awards provided by the vulnerability, or just challenges, can help find a vulnerability. Anyone can practice moral hackers. But only certified moral hackers can prove that they have the scope of knowledge that most organizations should look.

What is certification moral hacker?

Certified moral hacker certification for non-governmental organizations exists in two levels. Grant basic CEH certification after knowledge testing. At the next level, the CEH master’s level needs to be successfully performed on the simulation system.

Three major groups issued a CEH license: the International E-Commerce Advisory Commission, the certification penetration tester for the Information Assurance Certification Review and global information security certification. You can find CEH education and exam preparation through many online resources. Training and testing can be completed online. There is CISP-PET certification in China, which is still very useful in China.

As part of the training, there is ablestable young network security worker (and may) obtain CEH certification. This is also helpful even if they don’t intend to work as a full-time CEH.

What skills have moat hackers?

A certified moral hacker called for three major skills.

The first is to find the skills and knowledge required for gaps and vulnerabilities. A key element of this training is breadth. Due to the certification process, I hope that CEH experts lack blind spots in the general hackers.

The second is to creativity-jump out of the frame to think and try surprising methods to destroy the network. This is actually a larger part of the work than sounds. Customers using CEH should try to protect against various hackers attacks. The role of CEH is to find blind spots, gaps and vulnerabilities.

The third is reliable – professional practice of accessing sensitive company data, while always protecting it and will never abuse access to access. CEH professionals must seriously treat their moral part of their title. In addition to access access to sensitive or private data and maintaining their privacy and security, CEH also restricts its social engineering as a moral version. For example, putting a U disk in the parking lot to see if the employee picks up and insert is moral. But using violent threats or violations of personal safety is unethical, and violates CEH professional code.

How to use moral hackers

A certified moral hacker can be very helpful for organization’s network security.

The following is a short list of them can bring:

Find a vulnerability, whether software, physical security or policies, diving, and scanning public websites to find information that can help attack, using port scan tools to perform port scan to find open port ports to clear threats how to escape firewalls, honey tans and invasion Detection system penetration test (the difference pen test and moral hackers are generally arranged in penetration testing, and more narrowly paying attention to network security specific aspects) help running network security crisis simulations to expose internal threats to participate and help organizations / blue team Exercise Execute Network Traffic Analysis to conduct a variety of hidden social engineering hackers attacks. They can not only test network security systems and policies, but also test employee knowledge, consciousness, and preparations. Carefully check and test the patch installation process to ensure that your employee is using the most effective way to install an educational security team to understand the latest methods used by online criminals.

In short, CEH can act as a Beta tester or quality assurance engineer of network security defense “product”.

What if there is no certified moral hacker?

CEH is very suitable for employees. But if you don’t, you can hire a freelancer to complete this work. Like a bad guy, free professional moral hackers will perform hackers as a service.

Another low-cost choice is to organize an internal team to try to attack moral hackers.This may be better than hiring a certified moral hacker, but it is worse than not good.Alternatively, you can provide bounty than people outside your business, let them try breakthrough your network defense.In the final analysis, the work of CEH is very valuable.It is necessary to test network security infrastructure, expertise, employee training, and all other investments.